Photo book as a hardcover layflat binding

Product information
  • ideal impact through the layflat binding
  • Online designer for the inside pages and the book cover available
  • different types of books available with real imprint
  • panoramic photos can be created, ideal for photo books
  • more about the photo book as a hardcover layflat
Format & Orientation
Content design
Paper & Printing
Cover Options
Book leathers  
Linen fabrics  
Printed hardcover     (instead of book leather or linen covers)
Book jacket (in addition to selected cover)
Additional Options
CD/DVD options
Label templates for CDs
Corner pockets for plans up to A1

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The photo book as a hardcover layflat book

Your photo book with layflat binding as a high-quality hardcover

The hardcover layflat binding is the perfect book binding for great, long-lasting photo books. The special feature of the layflat binding is the behavior when its opened. Once the layflat photobook has been opened, the pages remain flat, where the pages always want to straighten up with conventional types of binding.

In addition, the pages are glued to the layflat binding, which gives them a higher stability, a better feel and a high-quality look.


Online designer for the book cover and page content 

Use our free online designer to make your book without any professional software - directly online, without having to download a program.The interior designer places your pictures in the photo book in the first step.In the second step, you can edit the photo book according to your ideas.In this way, a high-quality photo book is created with little expenditure of time, which captures moments and brings memories back to life. 

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